4 ways to access your files remotely

Occasionally when I'm out of the office I realise I need a file (or perhaps the latest version of a file) off my desktop PC / office network. Having realised through experience it's simply too hard to explain to someone else which file you want (assuming that is even an option), it makes sense to travel with a good remote control software application that allows you to access your files from anywhere via a browser.

My favourite is Orb which is slingbox without the hardware, but with the added benefit of letting you access your files too. It's free to use and I've found it to be easy to set up.

LogMeIn Free is another option. It too is free but has the added advantage that you can easily specify multiple remote computers to connect to.

Third option is ShowMyPC which offers free remote access via this open source offering

Of course, my more technically able colleagues seem to prefer the hardship of using more complex solutions like RealVNC, coz they are real men!

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