Want to send 1.7 million spam emails?

When I spoke to Matthew Somerville of MySociety.org at Barcamp over the weekend he was readying himself for having to send out 1.7 million emails from Tony Blair, British Prime Minister to all of the signatories to the road tax petition on the No 10 website.

MySociety were the people responsible for installing the facility for the PM & have to provide admin to it. As you'll imagine, sending out this volume of emails would normally be considered as spam by ISPs. Clearly some spam controls were likely to ensnare some of the emails & yet everyone had been promised a response.

Would Tony be understanding if some emails didn't get through; would he understand that spam software might not understand how genuine he is or realise that he's not making bogus promises or false claims.......oh, wait a minute.

So, in case you're worried by not having received a response from Tony to your online petition signature, then check your junk mail folder in the first instance - it may have been something about the response contents.

Meantime, I wonder if mysociety's IP address or Tony Blair's email address have been blackisted?

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At 8:57 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Now in your final paragraph was the most uplifting thought I have seen for a long time. Tony Blair's email address blacklisted! If only it were possible to have all his output blacklisted so we didn't have to listen to it. Now that would be worth petitioning for.


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